Summer Saturday in Hobart

Last Saturday was a fine late summer day. The cruise ship “Diamond Princess” was in port and the waterfront was bustling. Passengers from the cruise ship were strolling around admiring the tall ships berthed at Elizabeth St Pier. I spotted a ferry that I had not seen before and went over to get a picture. It was being renovated and had been named “Spirit of Hobart” and painted in the same colours as the “Spirit of Tasmania” ferry. Hobart’s Red Decker tourist buses were out in force. I spotted four of them within just a few minutes, the mock tram, the Harley Davidson Trike and the horse-drawn carriage were all doing good business too. Lunchtime found Salamanca market packed so I strolled over to Parliament House Lawns where there had obviously been a couple of protest rallies earlier. I wanted to get a photograph of the horses so I sat on a wall at the end of Murray Street waiting for them to come by. In the meantime I photographed various other things. The horses were a long time coming back from the other end of the waterfront and I had just put the camera away as I had to go and catch my bus when I spotted them so I quickly got it out again and took a couple of quick photos.

This is Saturday in Hobart.

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