Snapshot Sunday – Carriage Horses

The gang from Heritage Horse Drawn Carriages.

The gang from Heritage Horse Drawn Carriages.

Heritage Horse Drawn Carriages can be found giving rides from Salamanca Place around the waterfront and Battery Point five days a week ( the horses get to have a rest on the other two days.) If you would like to know more here is a link to their website.

8 thoughts on “Snapshot Sunday – Carriage Horses

  1. This is the only time that I get nostalgic about the past – horses and carriage. They are such magnificent creatures but only rich people can afford them anymore. Other than that I enjoy the modern times, especially digital cameras.


  2. Beautiful shot of the horses! I was going to say I’ve never been in a horse drawn carriage but fuzzy memories started swirling around in my head before I could finish typing it. I can’t remember for sure if we did or didn’t go on one in Victoria B.C. on our honeymoon. I know we talked about it….


  3. Lots of argument here about them operating around the city in Melbourne. The traffic makes it so difficult for them. Beautiful to see the magnificent horses but would not want to see one spooked and get hurt.


    • I have seen them in Melbourne and agree that the safety of animals and humans is most important however there must be places where they could operate safely perhaps in parklands? In Sydney I think they use them in The Rocks or used to.


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