Share Your World 2016 – Week #7

Sharing My World This Week


What are you a “natural” at doing?
As mundane as it might sound I think I am a natural at sorting things out. I like creating order and having things in the right place although I’m not obsessive about it.  Whether it’s a pile of books that need to be re-shelved, a messy work area or a pile of unsorted paper dolls I’m in my element straightening them out.

Would you prefer a one floor house or multiple levels?
I think that I would prefer all one level. I can manage stairs now although I am always slow coming downstairs and have a tendency to “dot and carry” even though there is nothing wrong with my legs. I think it is that old fear of falling again. As I get older I think stairs will be more of an issue so on the whole I would rather not have them.

What was your favourite subject in school?
That would be English. I was introduced to many interesting books through excerpts in my text books and the books we read in class. I liked discussing them in class and even though I was shy it was one of the times when I would speak up. I enjoyed composition too and did quite well in spelling and grammar.

By Source, Fair use,

Complete this sentence: “If only the rain –  would come”. is what I would have said until quite recently. It’s been a very dry summer here in Tasmania. Even my normally green lawn has been looking a bit tired. People who are not connected to town water have been contemplating having to buy some because their tanks were running dry. There have been bushfires burning around the state for weeks including some in World Heritage Forest areas.
The rain did come just the other day; we’ve had two days of heavy downpours. It hasn’t put the fires out but maybe if we have a few more wet days the firefighters can all go home.

Fire crews are working to extinguish more than 50 bushfires across Tasmania.


Well it’s just a week now until my sister and I set off on our trip. It seems quite hard to believe that it’s really here at last. I’m looking forward to sailing out of Sydney Harbour passing near the Bridge and the Opera House, getting to know the ship, my first glimpse of New Zealand. This week will be mostly cleaning the house, packing and catching up with a few people before I go away. I will try to schedule a few posts for while I am gone but my creative juices, like the lawn, have been a bit dry lately.



4 thoughts on “Share Your World 2016 – Week #7

  1. The ability to organize and create order out of chaos is a good talent to have. I always thought it was something anyone could do but living with my youngest son has taught me that some people really can’t do it. They just get too overwhelmed or something.

    I hope you get enough rain to put out all those bush fires and get your lawn looking green again.


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