Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge – Week #14 – Symmetry

Composing Myself – Symmetry

This week Cee has asked us to show examples of symmetry in our photos. I didn’t know the word when I was a child but I understood what it was. I think that my mother found symmetry very attractive. She always liked to have two of each type of ornament she displayed so we had pairs of brass vases, black plaster statuettes, candlestick holders and so on. The mantel over the fireplace was where many of these things were displayed and mum was very careful about putting them back in order after dusting. There would be the clock in the middle and one of each type of ornament on each side. “I like it to be balanced.” she used to say. Once when she bought a little boat made from seashells on holidays she was not really happy until she was able to find another one the same so that her mantel would once again be perfectly balanced. A glance at my mantelpiece today would soon show you that I am my mother’s daughter as my ornaments and pictures are also “balanced”.

I love reflections and one of the delightful things about living near the Huon River is the days when it is calm and reflects like a mirror. The photos I have used for this challenge are probably ones you have seen before as they are photos I especially like.

The first one was taken on a cruise on the Gordon River on the west coast of Tasmania. It was a dark day and rained at times but the water was like glass. I think the trees lining both banks add to the symmetry. The next one was taken one day when I had some time to kill in Huonville and was taking some photos by the river. I think the reflection of the blue sky and clouds is what I liked most about this shot. It would have been rather ordinary without them. The next two were taken at Port Huon when the Cartela was there briefly before going to Franklin to await restoration. I had gone to take pictures of the old ferry specifically but I think these pictures were my favourite of those I took that day because of the marvellous reflections.


Gordon River, Tasmania

Gordon River, Tasmania

image Huon River at Huonville

The Huon River from the bridge at Huonville

A beautiful winter day at Port Huon

A beautiful winter day at Port Huon

MV Cartela-Port Huon Wharf- July 2014

MV Cartela-Port Huon Wharf- July 2014

One last one, taken on the same Gordon River Cruise. I was standing out on the very windy open area in the bows and I turned around to photograph the upper deck and bridge. There is even two people up there. Mum would have liked that.

Gordon River cruise boat.

Gordon River cruise boat.


I think that Cee is right about the love of symmetry being hard-wired in most of us and I think that I probably take pictures that express it quite unconciously at times.  I also think that is why I like certain types of architecture such as art deco and dislike more modern abstract  designs. All the lines going everywhere don’t sit well with my brain.


4 thoughts on “Cee’s Compose Yourself Photo Challenge – Week #14 – Symmetry

  1. These are all beautiful. I can see why they’re among your favorites! I, too, like things to be balanced and my mantle has two candles and two carved wooden animals on each side. I wish I were better at making things look right without duplicates but I can’t seem to manage it!


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