Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge -Anything Painted


The pictures I’ve chosen for the challenge this week are old ones as I don’t think I will get to Hobart with the camera this week.

First I have chosen some “Ghost signs” old painted signage on buildings taken in Hobart on previous outings. I have become interested in these signs since seeing a collection of them on a Flickr site a few years ago.  I look out for them now.
Ghost Sign

Another "ghost sign" in Hobart

Another “ghost sign” in Hobart

Next is Hobart’s old coat of arms. This was on a bank building in Collins Street. Recently the council came up with a new modern logo and I noticed one day that the old sign was gone. Good thing I had already photographed it. The bank is gone too.   Coat of Arms

Here are  a couple of  hand painted signs that I photographed at a protest march last year.


Image Give Us Our Country Back #marchinmarch Hobart

One of the larger and more colourful signs.

Last of all a whimsically painted VW “Beetle” and a Ford Zephyr I saw at a car show.
VW "Beetle"Zephyr


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