Cee’s Which Way Challenge – 2015 – Week #37

Which Way to Uluru

I have been missing from the Which Way Challenge for a couple of weeks because all I’ve been  doing is the same trip to and from Hobart which I love but you all know what the Huon Highway looks like now.

However, when I went looking for my album of pictures from our holiday in the Northern Territory I realised I had an untapped mine of Which Ways there. I need to scan all these photos and put the originals in a new album as to my horror they were still in one of those sticky page albums. I thought I had got rid of all of those.

Anyway we did the trip in June 1985 with a penfriend of mine at the time, Christie Burke. Christie came to see us during her trip to Australia and we took the Ghan train from Adelaide to Alice Springs and hired a car to drive to Uluru. Neither Hubby nor I drove then so poor Christie had to do all the driving in a strange car on what was for her the wrong side of the road. She did a good job.

The pictures here were taken by all of us. Only one from me because I was using my instamatic camera. Our SLR had decided to die before we even reached Uluru so Hubby and I both scurried for our back up cameras, the instamatic for me and an old  Braun Paxette from the 1950s for Hubby. I am still amazed by how red the soil is in the Northern Territory. I have not altered these photos very much. I’ve cleaned off a few dust spots and cropped one or two but otherwise they appear as we took them.

Stuart Highway NT

Most of the road to Uluru looks like this. – Photo David Jensen

Walking on the road to Uluru

Christie took this one of us somewhere along the way. – Photo C. Burke

Ayers Rock sign circa 1985

Still mostly referred to as Ayers Rock in 1985. I was obviously into Which Way photos early. Photo by me.

Uluru in the distance

Our first glimpse of Uluru as we turned off for Yulara, now known as Ayers Rock Resort. – Photo David Jensen

Uluru NT

Christie near Uluru – Photo David Jensen

Christie and I lost touch many years ago but I often wonder where she is now and if she remembers me.


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