Flushed with Success

All the towns in the Huon Valley  and Channel area hold events of various kinds. Cygnet for example is known for its Folk Festival which is a very big event. Franklin has “Focus on Franklin”, Middleton has its annual show and scarecrow competition and of course there is the Huon Show in November. Geeveston  held a Forest Festival for quite a few years but there are always quite a few smaller events just for the locals and anyone else who cares to turn up.

The  Geeveston Family Fun Day is another popular event  locally. It  features Medieval Mayhem with the local branch of the  Society for Creative Anachronism – Canton of Lightwood.

In September there is the optimistically named Spring Festival held in Church Street. There is food, music  and the local traders all dress their windows in spring themes.  A local cafe popular with bikers is sponsoring the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in September as well. This brings a lot of bikers into the town and is quite a sight.

However, I think my favourite event this year is “Flush Away Winter” a one-off event being held to raise money to renovate the town’s public toilets. Got to love an event with a name like that.

Poster for Flush Away Winter

Poster for Flush Away Winter

As the rain had stayed away I decided to go into Geeveston to see what was going on. So what do you do when you want to raise money for a worthy cause? First of all you take one very large truck and block off part of the street.  This also provides a stage for a band.Road Block

Entertaining the crowd

Entertaining the crowd

You light some fire pots and inflate the jumping castle. Get someone to sell donuts, gravy rolls and chips and get a licence to sell wine, spirits and beer and you’ve got a street party.


Inside the Forest and Heritage building, which used to be the Geeveston Town Hall, there was another band who were playing a mixture of country, rock and blues. There was face painting and a table set up for “toilet games” for the kids. I didn’t stay long enough to find out what these were unfortunately.There was a photo booth where you could have your photo taken on a “gold-plated” toilet. There were raffle tickets, the first prize a ton of firewood, a popular prize in these parts and small items for sale like glow sticks. I bought a stubby holder which had been especially designed for the event and some raffle tickets. I met some people I knew and spent some time chatting with them. As I expected, I was offered a ride home which I was glad to accept having been out since 8:30am visiting Hubby and having lunch with my sister. This type of thing is why I enjoy living in a small town.

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