Share Your World – 2015 – Week #24

Sharing My World This Week

What’s your favourite charitable cause and why?  

I don’t know if I could pick just one organisation but animal charities are probably at the top of my list. Animals Australia, the RSPCA, the World Wildlife Fund are all organsations I’ve contributed to when I’ve had the funds. Close after that would be environmental organisations such as Greenpeace and the Wilderness Society, human rights organisations such as Amnesty International and those that try to do good in the world like the Red Cross, Oxfam and of course the Salvation Army. My charity dollar doesn’t go far and I try to spread it around these days but the animals can’t speak for themselves so they need us to take care of them.

Grosser Panda.JPG
Grosser Panda” by J. Patrick FischerOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.


What color do you feel most comfortable wearing?  

I spent most of my working life wearing uniforms in various shades of blue and I’m comfortable wearing it because blue looks good on most people. However after so many blue uniforms I became rather bored with it and until recently tended not to buy blue clothing, except for blue jeans of course. I wear a lot of black although I’m told that technically black is a shade not a colour. I’m also very comfortable in purple but most of all I like to wear red. My sister said to me recently that I still looked good in red. It’s my favourite colour so I’m glad about that. Here are a few random snaps of me in red.

If you had your own talk show, who would your first three guests be? (guest can be dead, alive, famous or someone you just know)

I can’t imagine myself conducting a talk show as I’m not fond of being in the spotlight and I would find it hard to have a good conversation with anyone under those circumstances. If I had the talent of Michael Parkinson or my favourite Aussie interviewer Andrew Denton I would interview celebrities but  as I don’t I’ll stick to people I know or at least sort of know.

For my first guests I think that I would like to have Marilyn and Garry Armstrong who many of you know from Marilyn’s blog Serendipity. They have had such interesting lives that I’d love to hear more of their stories. Can I count them as one guest as I can’t imagine one of them without the other? I would also like to have, if she were alive today, my mum. I always enjoyed hearing mum’s stories of her travels abroad as part of an army family, her memories of Egypt and India in the 1930s, her stories about pets the family had and her stories about life in England during the war years especially her story of falling down a manhole in the blackout. Lastly I would like to have my friend Graham  who has often told me interesting stories about his life. It is not just the famous people who have something worthwhile to say.

Mum with her family, I think this was around 1925 or thereabouts. Mum is the curly haired one in the middle.

Mum with her family, I think this was around 1925 or thereabouts. Mum is the curly haired one in the middle.

List:  What are at least five places you’ve enjoyed visiting?

Not in order but:

  • Great Wall of China – Just amazing to be there.
  • Stirling, Scotland- We loved the castle.
  • Ffestiniog Railway, Porthmadoc, Wales – I liked everything about the bit of north Wales we saw but this was a highlight.
  • York, England – York Minster and walking on the city walls on  a spring day.
  • Moscow, Russia – Seeing St Basils Cathederal and Red Square and the amazing Moscow Metro stations that look like an art gallery crossed with a bomb shelter.
  • RedSquare SaintBasile (
    RedSquare SaintBasile (” by Christophe Meneboeuf – Personal work.
    More of my photos on my photoblog: Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

And at home:

  • Melbourne – Always something interesting to see or do in Melbourne
  • Uluru – Also known as Ayers Rock. Ancient and fascinating to visit.
  • Ballarat, Victoria – Lovely old buildings and goldfields history at Sovereign Hill. I love driving in via the Avenue of Honour.
  • Sydney Harbour – I’m probably biased but this has to be one of the most spectacular harbours anywhere.
Taken on a ferry, Sydney Harbour 2012

Taken on a ferry, Sydney Harbour 2012

  • Strahan, Tasmania – One of my favourite parts of our state. I first came to Tasmania as a visitor and like many other people I’ve met I loved it so much we moved here!
Strahan Tasmania

Strahan Tasmania


Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Hubby is making some progress with his rehab and stood up on his own last week. This week we have a family meeting with the doctors, physiotherapists and OT people and I hope that we’ll be able to get some idea about how much longer it will take to get him back on his feet and at home.

6 thoughts on “Share Your World – 2015 – Week #24

  1. I like that thinking, true, the usual people do often have interesting stories to tell too, often even more interesting stories than those you would hear from a VIP in the TV. I prefer the everyday stories, or stories of older family members who gone through things 🙂

    Now a question about your blog… I noticed you have a Pinterest pin button on your images. I wonder if there is an option to activate them or is this something special of your blogs theme? I went through the whole dashboard and I guess it is rather something of your theme, it’s a cool feature.


    • I am on Pinterest myself and I think I activated the button as another way of sharing that this theme allows. Pinterest seems to be becoming really widespread now.
      By the way I just sent you a link I thought you would like via Google +

      Liked by 1 person

      • The link is interesting, I would participate if I had an outdoor cat, I will go through the blog to see if they have some kind of data or informations that are interesting. That is a good research project.. I think BBC news had a similar project running a while ago.

        I wonder why I didn’t get notification at G+, I guess I musst check out my settings. I use Pinterest too at times, but I am not too active on social media, only at times, but Pinterest is great to collect things to read or watch later, like a bookmarking service. 🙂


      • That’s pretty much how I used Pinterest, to bookmark sites, products or ideas that I like.
        I only found the cat tracker project half an hour or so ago and as I don’t know you on Facebook thought I’d use Google to send it. Polly is an indoor cat too as you know but I thought cat loving friends would be interested.

        Liked by 1 person

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