Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge 2015 – Week #22

Which Way Salamanca Place

Yesterday I had to go to Hobart again. It was another chilly morning and there was still fog and frost on the ground at 10 am when I was waiting for the bus. I later learned that it was still only three degrees celsius at noon.

It wasn’t until the bus climbed over Vince’s Saddle (370 metres) and started down the other side that I saw the sun. When I arrived in Hobart it was as cold as ice cream but the sun was out and the sky was blue. I had an hour to spare so I walked over to Salamanca Place to look for some  “Which Way” photos.

Salamanca Place is home to a very busy Saturday Market but during the week it is open to traffic and looks quite different. Here is how it looks on market days.

Market stalls

Salamanca Market looking towards Davey Street.

On weekdays you can admire the Georgian buildings more easily. No snow on Mount Wellington today although I saw a lot last week.

Looking towards Mt Wellington

Looking towards Mt Wellington

Salamanca Place on a weekday

Salamanca Place on a weekday

The street is lined with pubs, restaurants and cafes. Many of them have outdoor seating but as Hobart’s weather can be unpredictable some of the larger places have added gas heaters outside so that customers can enjoy the street ambience without the cold.

Irish Murphy's

Salamanca Place, Hobart

Salamanca Place, Hobart

There are also galleries, upmarket gift shops and other shops selling locally made products from timber or wool.

Leading off from Salamanca Place are arcades and little lanes that lead to Salamanca Square. If you continue up the hill where I took the first photo you will come to a lovely old hotel called Lenna and from there into Battery Point. If you go towards Mount Wellington you end up on Davey Street which is the main road out of Hobart going south.  Parallel with Salamanca Place is Castray Esplanade which is next to the waterfront where the old shipping terminal is now an exhibition hall.

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