Snapshot Sunday – Autumn Evening

An autumn evening - Murray Street, Hobart.

An autumn evening – Murray Street, Hobart.

Yesterday my sister and I were going to take a walk around Hobart’s historic Battery Point area and I had planned to take some photos for today’s post. Unfortunately driving rain and 100km wind gusts scuttled that plan so here is one I prepared earlier. I don’t often find myself in the city in the evening but back in April I did take a series of pictures on my walk from the hospital back to the bus stop. Daylight Saving time had finished for the year and the days were growing short already. This was taken just before 6pm.

10 thoughts on “Snapshot Sunday – Autumn Evening

  1. Battery Point? That sounds like historic military stuff. I would have liked to see the photos because I like history. It’s sad if plans don’t work out due to weather and so. Bad timing I’d say but maybe you can take these pictures in the future.


    • Yes there is a gun battery there, in the park I think and I’ll certainly go another time as it is an easy place to get to. We were disappointed at not getting our walk but it’s winter now so we’ll just have to be patient and wait for the right day.

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      • Are these remainings of the british colonies? It sounds interesting, I like places that tell a true story of old times. History is one of my favorite subjects. Well, you can take the pictures at another time, it’ll be interesting for me 🙂


      • When I do I promise I’ll include some of the background history. It is a favourite subject of mine as well. By European standards Australia is not old but Tasmania, or Van Dieman’s Land as it was first known was settled not long after the first settlements in Sydney so we do have a lot of colonial buildings in our state.

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      • I did now learn something new about you, I actually thought you would live on the Australian mainland. I did use Google maps now and see that Tasmania is the island below Australia, I do now also see the town on the map that you often mention 🙂


      • Well if one person has learned more about Tasmania because of me I count that as a success. I did live on the mainland for most of my life, in Adelaide, South Australia but we came down here 13 years ago this month because we got fed up with the hot summers in South Australia. Tasmanian’s often call people from the other states “Mainlanders” which they find amusing for some reason. We do it too now. “Where are you from?” “Oh, we’re Mainlanders.” 🙂

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      • I always thought Tasmania would just be another word for Australia 😀 That’s the other thing about blogging I like… you learn incidentally 😀 About “mainlanders”… I was not sure if this word would fit as Australia is a huge island and not really mainland… interesting to hear your experience about the word 😀


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