Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge -2015 – Week #13

Which Way To The Ferry

As an island state Tasmanian’s say that Bass Strait, the crossing between Victoria and Tasmania is our part of National Highway Route 1. We have become very familiar with the Bass Strait ferries over the past couple of decades.

My first trip to Tasmania was in 1998 when my sister and I came for a holiday.  Some of these photos were taken on that trip when we travelled on the previous Spirit of Tasmania ferry. I like the colour scheme of Station Pier back then. Station Pier at Port Melbourne was probably where we disembarked from the ship that first brought us to Australia way back in 1966 so it’s a special place to me. At that time passengers were not allowed to remain in their cars while they were being boarded so I had to jump out and board separately while my sister drove on somewhat nervously all by herself. I stood on deck and watched her making her way along the dock in the queue and snapped a picture for my album.

In 2002 two new ferries replaced the old one, both called Spirit of Tasmania. By this time the rules had changed and the passengers were allowed to remain with the driver. The trip is usually an overnight one leaving Melbourne or Devonport mid evening and arriving around breakfast time the next day. We like to book a cabin but there are airline style seats which are much cheaper. In summer there are day sailings as well and I’d love to do one of those one day so I could enjoy the view of the sea.

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