Sunday Stills – Pets

Our pets, Cindy, Polly and Jake who is no longer with us.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Stills – Pets

  1. It’s sad that Jake is not with you anymore. Polly is so cute, but as a Tuxedo owner myself as you know, I am probably biased. 🙂 I love the photo where Polly sleeps near Cindy. It’s so cool that it works with your dog and cat 🙂


      • I can imagine that. We lost a dog when I was teenager and I did spend over a decade together with this dog. I was teenager, I think one year before majority, when our dog went to dog heaven. I cried days and felt bad months, it was very hard. Because for us pet owner, pets are more than just pets, they become familiy members. It’s a long time ago and I am of course not sad about it anymore because that’s life, however, even after so many years I remind of her at times. Fortunately, good memories stay.

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