Share Your World 2014 – Week 47

We don’t have Thanksgiving in Australia but it’s always good to reflect on the good things in your life especially when there is so much to be worried or angry about.

Here is my list for this week’s challenge. It’s not in any order and I could probably add to it but these are things that came to mind today.

Things I enjoy and am grateful for:

1. Cindy, our dog
2. Polly, our cat
3. All the pets that have been in our lives
4. Sitting up late talking with my sister
5. That Hubby has stuck with me all these years
6. Good times with family
7. Living in this beautiful part of Tasmania
8. The right to vote
9. Train travel
10. Ships and boats, from ocean liners to ferries to a one hour pleasure cruise.
11. The changing colours of autumn
12. Daffodils and tulips that make me happy in spring
13. Being by the sea
14. Sunsets
15. Rainbows
16. Roast lamb, roast potatoes and vegetables
17. Quality Street (chocolates)
18. Mum deciding to bring us to Australia to live; best decision ever.
19. Summer nights at the cricket with friends
20. Valhalla icecream with fresh berries in summer
21. The beautiful colours of yarns and fabrics
22. Family stories
23. Laughing till I wet myself
24. Snow days
25. Christmas pudding
26. Mince pies
27. Bread
28. The smell and taste of good coffee
29. A nice cup of tea and a chat
30. Adelaide’s Central Market
31. Trams
32. Roses
33. Road trips with Hubby or my sister
34. Hobart’s waterfront
35. My doll collection
36. reading a good book
37. computers & the internet
38. Writing my blogs
39. Reading other people’s blogs
40. eBay
41. days just for me alone
42. Daniel Ricciardo (F1 driver)
43. Doctor Who
44. Watching “The West Wing”
45. The Bolognese sauce that Hubby makes
46. Australia winning The Ashes (cricket)
47. Visiting castles
48. Good conversations with friends
49. Listening to my favourite music
50. Seeing mountains
51. Seeing lakes and rivers
52. Visiting museums
53. Watching “Time Team”
54. Taking photographs
55. The excitement of setting out on a journey
56. Seeing new places


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