Phone Wars- Us v Scammers

Like most people we get calls from time to time from people who want to tell us that our computer has a virus or some other problem and they have called to help us fix it. Most of these calls come from outside Australia and as our phone has the endearing habit of intoning “Overseas, Overseas” every time we get one of these calls I usually either ignore them or pick up the phone and put it down again without speaking. I have spoken to them from time to time but usually I can’t be bothered.

Hubby is different. I think he likes to fight with them. He pretends that he can’t understand English or repeats himself over and over until the caller  gets tired of it. They are pretty persistent though these people. Today I think we had a record number of calls. Hubby got to the phone first for the first two or three calls and by the time the last one came around he was just cursing them. He even went to the laptop that is not connected to the internet and pretended to be following the instructions he’d been given and then called the person a liar when she said she could see what was on his computer.


Just after dinner we got another call and this time I picked up. This time the phone had not announced “Overseas ” so although we were fairly sure it was the scammers again there was an outside chance it might have been someone we actually wanted to talk to.

I decided to try a different tactic.

The caller announced that he was calling from “The Windows Corporation” (heard of them?”)and that his name was John Martin. Well I guess there are some people with Indian accents who are called John Martin so he could have been telling the truth. He started into his spiel about how my computer was going to shut down permanently for a while in the near future. Really, that’s what he said. I interrupted him to confirm the name of his business (The Windows Corporation). I then asked him for the phone number of the business. He said that they didn’t give it out because “We don’t wait for people to call back.” He started on his spiel again asking me if I knew why my Windows computer would fail. I then asked him for the name of his Supervisor. I was very polite and didn’t shout or get angry. My plan was that if I actually got connected to a supervisor I would tell him to take our number off their database or I would report them to somebody, I hadn’t decided whether it should be the phone company, the office of fair trading, the police or all of the above. Well I didn’t get the chance to find out as Mr John Martin called me a bitch and told me to f*** off. He then hung up on me!

I can’t wait to see if they will call us again.


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