The Death of Mouse

I was in Melbourne and  enjoying a lovely walk beside the Yarra. The weather was great and I was taking lots of photos and thinking that Melbourne’s reputation for being Australia’s most livable city was well deserved.
Then I saw this.

Tribute to a popular man.
Tribute to a popular man.

I didn’t know what it was about but it was obvious that “Mouse” was a homeless person and that he had died. I stopped to take the photo intending to find out more when I returned home. Not far from this spot I saw signs of that other homeless people also slept under the bridge pylons, there was a mattress, plastic crates and other signs of habitation.
I learned that Mouse, whose real name was Wayne Perry was stabbed to death earlier this year.
It’s a terrible thing that people have to live this way regardless of how they got into that situation. When I see it happening in an affluent part of the city it really makes me think that we should all be doing more to prevent it.
It also made me think that whatever had gone wrong in Mouse’s life he at least had the love of his friends on the streets and is missed by them.

Tributes left for Wayne "Mouse" Perry who was murdered near this spot earlier this year.
Tributes left for Wayne “Mouse” Perry.


Read more here.


I was born in England in 1957 and lived there until our family came to Australia in 1966. I grew up in Adelaide, South Australia, where I met and married my husband, David. We came together over a mutual love of trains. Both of us worked for the railways for many years, his job was with Australian National Railways, while I spent 12 years working for the STA, later TransAdelaide the Adelaide city transit system. After leaving that job I worked in hospitality until 2008. We moved to Tasmania in 2002 to live in the beautiful Huon Valley. In 2015 David became ill and passed away in October of that year. I currently co-write two blogs on with my sister Naomi. Our doll blog "Dolls, Dolls, Dolls", and "Our Other Blog" which is about everything else but with a focus on photographs and places in Tasmania. In November 2019 I began a new life in the house that Naomi and I intend to make our retirement home at Sisters Beach in Tasmania's northwest. Currently we have five pets between us. Naomi's two dogs Toby and Teddy and cats, Tigerwoods and Panther and my cat Polly. My dog Cindy passed away aged 16 in April 2022.


  1. Very sad story. Being homeless and then stabbed to death. I like your point that you make.. yes, it’s very terrible that it’s possible to have homeless people in rich countries as ours. There should be both, more prevention as you said and also more active help. You actually inspired me to write a huge post about this subject. Not sure if I publish it as I still have to correct some things but if so, I will link back to your article as you made me thinking about this subject.

    Here in Germany they offer a lot but still we have homeless people in the cities… maybe not much but it’s possible to find them. We have help programs and welfare but my impression is that it is not actively offered where it’s needed,… on the streets. It’s rather offered passively. Regardless of what reason, some people simply don’t know how request help. These people fall by the wayside and people forget them. Because it means “Here in Germany they all can request welfare money”. How should a drug addict homeless man for example know where to start? Bureaucracy can even make me mad, and I have a phone, internet , can research how to fill out a form and so on.

    I think there are thousands of reasons why some people don’t get on the legs on their own. Some people forget about it. Thanks for creating awareness. I am not sure what kind of possibilities your government and institutions offers. I guess it is similar as here, you probably have a lot of social welfare programs over there too. Here we have a lot but they don’t actively go out to offer advice on the street. I think too, it could simply be done more. I don’t understand why decision makers can’t think out of the box.

    You really inspired me to write about this issue from a German perspective. Thank you, in case I am happy with my article, I’ll publish it and give credits and suggest to read your post that inspired me. 🙂


    • Thanks Dennis for your comments. I hope you do publish your post as I would like to read it. I imagine that is it similar here, there are programs but I think that many are run by non profit organisations and they could use much more funding than they get. The Salvation Army of course and others. There are some that supply “street swags” for homeless people. I think this is bedding like a weatherproof sleeping bag, others that thave food vans that go to where homeless people congregate at night and some that try to help them get into emergency housing. That same day I saw a homeless man with a dog sitting in the street trying to get some money. I wish now that I’d stopped ahd given him something and maybe talked to him. Where Mouse was murdered is an area of conspicuous wealth which highlights the differences between the rich and the poor. I saw a similar thing in Hong Kong many years ago. People sleeping on sheets of cardboard outside shiny, modern high rise buildings. It seemed wrong to me then and it still does. That’s why this was the first post I did about my weekend away which was actually a lot of fun but something like this makes you remember that others don’t have it as easy as we do.

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      • This sounds very similar then. Most organizations here are non-profit too. Back then I even donated sometimes but when first stories came up with corruption and so, I didn’t like the idea anymore. I have a better feeling if I donate a meal directly to a poor person on the street. I did that a few times. My ex-girl friend is active animal welfarist and they collect money in their dog sports club… but they don’t trust the animal shelter and never donated money directly but they bought extremely much food for animals and donated that directly to the shelter. They do this two times a year. Really well thought-out.

        Yes, the difference between poor and rich, this seems to be a growing phenomenon everywhere. How sad. In Hamburg you can notice this too. High-tech and luxury shops and expansiveapartments with super beautiful architecture… and some streets away you see several homeless people. Doesn’t fit together. Makes me think that something is wrong. I really know what you mean. Yes, this looks so fictive but it is real.

        Published my thoughts on it. But it’s more of an article that sounds like what we already wrote here. I think I ask more questions than I offer solutions. “How can this even be possible that there are still people on the streets”. But it’s still very important to me to rise the questions as you did it.


      • Thanks for the suggestion. Sounds like an interesting novel. Bookmarked it. It’s even available on the German Amazon in both languages. 🙂 It’s just some weeks ago when I got the idea to buy a book that is written in English because it would help me improve the language further but didn’t do it yet because I was too busy. The “stay at home” time starts and it’s already a little cold here… could be a book for the fall evenings. 🙂


      • I liked it a lot and have read it several times. Your English has improved a lot since you started to blog. I really admire you for writing it in a language that is not your own.,

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      • Learning by doing is my favorite way to practice things. Reading and writing helps a lot. I sometimes laugh when I moderate comments on my older posts because I read them again and find a lot of mistakes. When someone comments on old posts, I use the time to correct that article too. I made some big steps but there are still certain areas where I need to improve. By the way, I just learned some days ago that I used the wrong apostrophe on my keyboard for years, it was the German apostrophe but you use a different apostrophe in English. It’s another button on the keyboard. I now always need some seconds when I write a word with an apostrophe because it’s now difficult to lose this habbit. You never learn out 🙂 I even remember a time when I used the German rules for capital and small letters while writing in English. I do still find posts at times where I need to correct this. A blog really documents the progress.


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