Ashes whitewash!

Reblogging this on My Other Blog because it was such a fantastic thing to see I just have to share. But I agree Mitchell Johnson’s mo has served it’s purpose and should be honourably retired.

Life as a country bumpkin...not a city girl

Yesterday Australia was officially handed the Ashes…which will only mean something to people who have an idea about cricket…as explained here by Anchorman Ron Burgundy.

Yes the tiny little trophy is the Ashes…it is what Australia and England have been battling for for over 100 years and even though technically Australia won it back in December when they won the third test in Perth the trophy wasn’t handed over until yesterday afternoon when the 5th test ended.

The day was especially important as it was Jane McGrath pink day and the McGrath Foundation holds a pink day each year during the Sydney test as a fundraising day for breast cancer and usually make a fair amount of money…but all that aside.

The most interesting part of the day was when they won and the Australian team were in the middle of the SCG and they sang the team song…which is…

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