It’s Enough to Make You Want to Grab A Gun

This has a very interesting short video attached. I will be honest and say that I hate the gun culture that exists in the USA. I don’t think that there is any need for ordinary citizens to have military style guns. I can feel a big rant about guns coming on. Stay tuned.

Life in the Boomer Lane

A wise man (who is currently Then Husband) told Life in the Boomer Lane many years ago that history is determined by economics. Shortly thereafter, on a slow day, LBL reviewed the events of the last 50,000 years, and she couldn’t argue with him. The point is that ultimately, someone benefits economically by making decisions that result in war, plague, pestilence, famine, religious zealotry, drug and alcohol dependence, human slavery, environmental mayhem, and our current Congress.

Whether you believe guns are the spawn of the devil or whether you believe they are some kind of God given right and that each person should have a gun issued with his birth certificate, the fact is that the gun industry itself is big business. In fact, it’s a much bigger business than most people realize, resulting in $32 billion dollars of revenue every year (which interesting enough, is about the same amount…

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