Procrastinating is something I am very good at. Like most of us I procrastinate about things I don’t want to do, going to the doctor or dentist, unpleasant household chores, making phone calls to name a few. However I have a bad habit of procrastinating about things that I do want to do. Maybe I’m just lazy. I want to finish scrapbooking projects, do other craftwork, go for walks more often but I get disracted by small things and then I think “It’s too late, I’ll do it tomorrow.” Sometimes I even find myself doing  busywork to justify not starting something I meant to do. MC900287030

When I started this blog it was because I thought that I’d like to write more often and about more subjects than my doll collection. Since then I’ve looked at some of the writing challenges, been interested in some but not actually written anything because I did’t know how to start or because I didn’t feel that I could write as well as others on the same subject. I’ve got mad at the television on umpteen occasions when I’ve seen trailers of programs that annoy me or when my husband watches the fourth episode of “Pawn Stars” in a day (Rick Harrison really annoys me.) I had meant to write about all these reality programs and why they annoy me so much. Why have I not done that?

It is because it worries me that people will disagree with what I say and might criticise me.I know I would find that hurtful even though I also know that I”m not alone in feeling that way. It shouldn’t really matter to me if people I don’t know and will never meet think that I am ignorant or that I write badly. It would worry me more that people I know would think that even though they would probably be nice and not tell me. I can’t deny that I’m lacking in self confidence and don’t like confontation but I’ve decided that as far as blogging goes I’m going to try.

If I don’t write anything I won’t get any better so I’ll just put down what comes to mind and maybe as I go on it will get easier. I will write about the things that annoy me and why. No doubt there will be negative comments sometimes but I will try to deal with them. I expect it will be good for me and help me get out of my comfort zone.

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